Take ALL the shinies!

Mikal makes his escape

Death follows the trail

Mikal was slumped over his desk. Papers and scrolls lay strewn everywhere including the floor. A soft rustle could be heard from the papers in front of Mikal as his breathed in this sleep. Clearly he had passed out while studying the notes. His fingers were smeared with ink, his glasses disheveled. A silent alarm on his most recent rentals front door was tripped sending a warning into his head not ten seconds before his study door burst open. Two thuggish looking characters charged at Mikal as he spun awake staff in hand. Barely able to deflect the first short sword his eyes locked with the closer invader, power rippled briefly through the room as the man turned on his friend embedding his sword into the second mans chest in his disbelief. The first man also crumpled taking a swift knock to the head with Mikal’s staff.

Taking a deep breathe Mikal resealed the door with arcane energy. More intruders could be heard in his living space and he knew it wouldn’t be long before they broke through. Quickly he gathered what papers and scrolls he could, threw everything into his bag and prepared to make his escape. In the background a smashing noise could be heard. Mikal took another calming breathe walking up the the door and released the hold while opening the door. His staff came down and cold night winds whipped up around him rushing out the door. Grunts of pain could be heard from the intense chill. One man shouted, “I can’t see shite in this fog.”

Mikal grinned briefly before making his dash towards the door. This wasn’t the first time men had come for him, it likely wouldn’t be the last if he continued his search. Sitting still doing research didn’t seem a viable path anymore given the increasing frequency in attacks and money was running short. Time to break his streak of peace and quiet. Shouldering his pack he cast a spell to disguise his features as he strolled down the street. Losing his persuers in this city should be easy enough with the right tricks for now.


PimpMaster Kaz88

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