Take ALL the shinies!

The story so far

Our heroes were drawn, by various circumstances, to the sleepy mountain town of Winterhaven. There they unearthed a growing threat from a death cult, worshipers of Orcus. The party searched for (and found) the cult’s secret lair, inside the ruins of an old keep which was built around a rift into the Shadowfell. The heroes adventured (and misadventured) their way through the ruined keep, culminating in a standoff with the necromancer Kalarel, who was seeking to open the rift to the Shadowfell.

The party triumphed over the necromancer, though their victory was not without cost. One of their number, Kaz the vampire pixie, was drawn into the Shadowfell by the whispering voice of Orcus, and met his untimely demise. While rejoicing (and mourning) at the Winterhaven inn, Kurosh met a road-worn traveler, who recognized him as the brother-in-law of Captain Davidson of the Selgaunt city guard. The traveler warned him that the city, and thus his brother-in-law’s life, was in danger.

So, our heroes have traveled to Selgaunt, jewel of the Sembian Empire. They do not yet know the peril they have stepped into…


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